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This inaugural event is bringing the delicious BBQ style of cooking to Central Oregon. Nearly every culture has a history of enjoying food cooked outside and over a fire. Cooking over the fire adds distinct flavor and makes it the perfect activity to share food and fun during the heat of the summer. The char and unique sauces of classic BBQ make it a favorite eat throughout generations. The style and flavors usually vary based on region and chef, sometimes with heated debate about what makes a proper BBQ.

Share your BBQ tradition with us at the 2021 Central Oregon BBQ, Brews & Whiskey Festival. We can’t want to dig in!

BBQ Vendor Application

Who is bringing the bites

BBQ Competition

This all new competition will be sanctioned by the Pacific Northwest BBQ Association!

We will be offering a competition style cooking event for BBQ pit masters around the region! Thanks to Sisters Meat & Smokehouse for supporting the sport of BBQ competitions. Registration is live! Click the link below for more information on competing in 2021.

Register Today!

Attendees: Join us on Saturday, June 26 as we kick off the cooking or head down on Sunday, June 27 as the chefs finish cooking and the judging begins! Awards will be given on Sunday to the winners.

Meet our competitors!

Pacific Crown Barbeque Company • Fat Dad’s Barbeque • HoggerQ

BBQ Aloha • The Original Northwest BBQ Company • Lake House BBQ

Fowl Cookin’ BBQ • Hoggin Da Sauce BBQ • Pig Data BBQ

RJs Smokehouse • The Tipsy Pigs • Smokin Moonshine

Off the Hook • PNWU Veterans Club

The Outdoor Adventure Marketplace/Business Showcase

The Outdoor Adventure Marketplace will highlight local businesses that specialize in bringing fun and a sense of adventure into our daily lives including RV & motorcycle, camping, climbing, metal arts, survival, axe throwing, hunting & fishing, meat packing, and hot sauces just to name a few ~ From the backyard to the outback!

Not an outdoor adventure kind of biz but want to participate? No problem! We will feature businesses  in our business showcase section spanning across a number of industries, including solar power, healing and wellness, home improvement, insurance, social media management, and more!

Want to be featured in the outdoor adventure or business showcase marketplace? Our 2021 BBQ Marketplace Application is available now!

Marketplace Application

Check out our 2021 Outdoor Adventure Marketplace and Business Showcase Exhibitors!


Oregon Harley Riders! Wildhorse Harley-Davidson Oregon is a premier PNW Harley-Davidson dealership located in Bend, Oregon and providing new and pre-owned motorcycles, parts, accessories, apparel, riding gear, maintenance service and performance upgrades for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles throughout the Northwest including Oregon Harley-Davidson, Washington Harley-Davidson, Idaho Harley-Davidson, Nevada Harley-Davidson and California Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.


At Freespirit Recreation, our goal has always been to reinvent the rooftop tent from the ground up, creating industry-leading designs that elevate your adventure.


We want all of our customers to feel comfortable shopping Spencer Aircraft for their aviation hardware and pilot supplies needs.


Smith Rock’s premier climbing gear shop.


TNX connects eco-conscious outdoor enthusiasts with top-quality outdoor gear through our easy to use online platform.


Inspired by Norway’s environmentally thoughtful way of living, our global mission is:
Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.


We are proud to be one of Central Oregon’s finest Hemp CBD companies, where we extract our own CBD oil and put it into vegan, organic ingredients to help you, your family and your pets achieve the best health possible.


Bend Sauce is made with all natural and organic ingredients to bring you authentic chipotle flavor + heat at the table, kitchen and grill!


Cinder Butte Meat Co. offers fresh USDA Choice cuts of meat from our retail counter, custom cutting/wrapping done to your desire, full service game processing, on-site kill floor, mobile kill service and Central Oregon’s finest smoked meats.


Brenda is a qualified psychic and spiritual medium who gives accurate psychic readings through a range of mediums. She is a professional certified consultant who uses her intuition to offer guidance to all of her clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead of them.


Celebrating 15 years of innovative products & instruction.


Quickfire’s proprietary formula makes starting a fire in even the most severe weather such as rain, snow or high winds easy. Anytime, anywhere, a fire is needed. Quickfire provides a safe, clean, environmentally friendly way to start a fire.


Our mission at Hoss Soss is to create unforgettable sauces with international flavors, gourmet recipes and perfect heat.

Bähko Eyewear™ creates quality polarized sunglasses for outdoor adventure and fashion. We use superior materials to produce stylish eyewear that is “Built to BE OUTSIDE.”


Our proprietary Metolius CBD & CBG blends, along with the unique enhancements of Isolate, Distillate & Kief deliver a robust flavor experience and powerfully calming effect. When consumed together, CBG & CBD work synergistically to provide pain relief, reduce inflammation as well as potent relaxation and an overall sense of wellbeing.



Silagy Sauce was born of a passion for creating delicious meals to keep family and friends gathered around the table together. We felt inspired to create flavors for the community to share around their own tables. Food brings people together, and Silagy Sauce was created to ignite people’s passion for coming together around their favorite foods.

Silagy Sauces are all natural, free of preservatives and made with simple, quality, handpicked ingredients. Unlike other hot sauces, we’re not just heat for the sake of heat. Silagy Sauces perfectly combine heat with flavor to create a delicious complement to an incredible variety of foods. We strive for each of our sauces to be a flavor explosion, an eating experience, and something that our customers will savor and share with their families time and again.


We are a small batch, Veteran, and Filipino owned Hot Sauce company that buys its peppers from local farms to help support and bring out the local flavor. Our sauces are gluten free, Vegan, no added sugars, and natural ingredients to give that fresh farm to bottle taste. By using no dyes we allow the natural color of the ingredients to speak for themselves!


Wild Game & Beef Jerky & Sticks


In a medical emergency, every second counts… especially when transporting patients who are far away from specialized medical treatment. No one knows that better than the flight crew at AirLink Critical Care Transport, an emergency air medical service with over three decades of experience and more than 43,000 missions flown.


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Patrick Kriby is your local Farmers Insurance® Agent located in Redmond, serving Terrebonne, Prineville, and all of Central Oregon.


Our goal is a balanced hot sauce with good flavor and perfect heat.



Smile-A-Mile Painting is an owner-operated company. We’ve been refreshing the appearance of homes and business in Eastern Washington and Central Oregon since 2007. The owner, Jason Zook, has a construction background and loves working alongside his employees. We all love what we do and pay great attention to detail to make sure the work we do for you makes you smile!


Social media marketing that works for any business.


Book a room (or bunk), go adventure, and join us for food carts, craft beer, and live music (or relax in our Finnish sauna).

My Sticks and Stones line reflects the minimalist lifestyle I aspire to lead: simple, clean lines with a modern aesthetic. As a firm believer in jewelry that’s both beautiful and functional, my designs are meant to be versatile and wearable—perfect for wearing every day to work, but also to the special event you’re attending this weekend.


FDA approved for immediate fat loss, no pain, no down-time, no side affects.


CD Originals is an Oregon based clothing company that creates high quality apparel and accessories that pay homage to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Specializing in creative designs and versatile styles, CD Originals creates clothing made to be worn on any adventure.


Like a handwritten note, giving a beautifully personalized hardwood cutting board leaves a lasting impression. Hardenbrook Hardwoods crafts heirloom-quality gifts that are made in the USA and can be personalized or branded.


Hosting a team building event, birthday party, wedding, BBQ, or anything else that you want to add an amazing experience to? We’ve got you covered! Our Bend Axe Throwing mobile unit is ready to come to your event – no experience is needed!


Dirt Road Garage is your local 4×4 off-road specialists based in Oregon!


One tree planted for every item sold.


National Solar is a full-service PV solar installation contractor and we deliver turn-key solar system solutions for both residential and commercial. We’re a leader in Oregon and our team of professional journeyman electricians and mechanical installation specialists have helped multiple thousand local families and businesses to reach their clean energy goals.


It’s what’s in the sauce that make it organically delicious.


Percussion Massage gun aims to reduce inflammation by flushing extracellular fluids such as lymph fluid and venous blood out of the muscle tissue and into the circulatory system. It can help relax tight muscles, break up scar tissue and adhesions, and minimize muscle soreness and tensions.


Re-think your dog treats

Best friend will thank you for choosing a clean and wholesome treat that is sustainably sourced

It all began in a small village in Lake Tahoe, nestled in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We are a rider owned/operated brand that specializes in hand-made apparel & headwear. Inspired by the skate and snowboard community, Local knits was born.

Started out necessity along with the inherent need to create, the owner, Ethan, began knitting beanies for friends and family. We now offer many different goods but handmade beanies and snow gear will always be staples. We make awesome goods for skating, snowboarding, camping, exploring or anything weird your into!

All apparel is produced in-house. Our goods are produced in limited quantity and made to order!

Get your mitts on some while it’s available!



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Meet the beer that started it all. Our naturally cloudy flagship brew starts with the highest quality wheat. It’s bold, clean flavor and pronounced citrus and floral aromas are what define american-style hefeweizen.

Brewed using traditional methods and subtle Champagne-like fermentation, this Kolsch-style summer ale is clean, crisp, balanced and almost as light as a dry fly. These cans fit conveniently in the front pocket of your Simms waders, and pairs well with your favorite backcountry fishing spot. Fish It Well and Drink Beer Outside!

Big Wave is a lighter-bodied golden ale with a tropical hop aroma and flavor—smooth, easy drinking, and refreshing. The use of caramel malt contributes to the golden hue of this beer, and our special blend of hops provides a bright, quenching finish that makes it a struggle to not grab another one.

Pours a deep, midnight black with a light tan head. Smells of coffee and dark chocolate and the mouthfeel is velvety smooth with flavors of roasted malts, oatmeal and warm bread. Dragonstooth is a very drinkable stout-satisfying but not heavy.

A series inspired by the iconic fruit cart vendors of Los Angeles. A light, refreshing wheat ale with lots of fresh mango and a pleasant, slightly tart

Mountain IPA? It’s the merger of two prominent IPA styles: a West Coast IPA and an East Coast Hazy IPA. Delivering a smooth profile that consists of mango, tangerine, and grapefruit, we’ve mixed the tropical fruitiness of a hazy with the piney, juicy, citrus of a traditional IPA. This Mountain IPA was brewed for hitting the outdoors because nothing beats this combo when you’re chilling around the fire.

Brewed in Washington, Elysian Contact Haze IPA uses a quirky mix of ingredients for a special flavor. A blend of punchy hops like El Dorado®, Mosaic® and Southern Passion give this beverage bright, fruity notes. Juicy and succulent, Elysian Hazy IPA is brimming with bursts of raspberry, citrus, guava and passion fruit.

Made with 100% blue agave, bursting with pineapple flavor.

The bubbly refreshment of seltzer meets the taste of sweet lemonade!

For those anytime easy drinking occasions. We’d put it up against any other seltzer out there! Made with pure cane sugar, sparkling water, and a hint of natural fruit flavors.


Tropical Lullaby – Coconut Lime Sour. For some reason it’s hard to get coconut flavor infused in a sour beer. In typical 10 Barrel fashion, we threw in more coconut than we had ever used in a beer up to this point. We added a touch of lime to brighten and bring together the flavors. Yum!

Unbridled Spirit – A Kentucky Common style of beer.  The Kentucky Common style is a throwback to a popular beer during the prohibition era. Designed to be brewed and consumed quickly to avoid prosecution, the Kentucky common is a simple beer yet truly refreshing. A base of 6row Barley Malt and flaked corn is given just a hint of color by Chocolate Rye Malt, and balanced with Crystal and Saaz hops. Crisp, yet slightly creamy, bright, clean and sessionable. 


Whiskey & Spirits

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Oregon Spirit Distillers Straight American Bourbon Whiskey

Oregon Spirit Distillers Bourbon Whiskey is a four-grain bourbon made with corn, rye, wheat, and malted barley. This whiskey is made and aged for four years on site in Bend, Oregon. After four years of maturation in new American white oak barrels, the barrels are married and a touch of water is added to bring our whiskey to 94 proof. Oregon Spirit Distillers Bourbon stays true the sweet corn-on-the-cob nature of bourbon with a spicy cinnamon twist from the rye grain. 

Woodinville Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This truly small-batch bourbon starts with traditionally grown corn, rye and malted barley. Prior to being coopered, the barrel wood is seasoned in open air, rain, wind, sun, and snow for eighteen months, softening the wood’s harsh tannins. The barrels are then slowly toasted and heavily charred to further enrich the wood’s desirable flavors. This meticulous process yields a truly hand-crafted spirit with aromas of crème brûlée and spice cabinet, as well as notes of rich caramel, dark chocolate, and vanilla bean on the palate with a sweet, lingering finish.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Ancient buffalo carved paths through the wilderness that led American pioneers and explorers to new frontiers. One such trail led to the banks of the Kentucky River where Buffalo Trace Distillery has been making bourbon whiskey the same way for more than 200 years. In tribute to the mighty buffalo and the rugged, independent spirit of the pioneers who followed them, we created our signature Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Live Music

Check out our 2021 lineup!

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Friday’s Music Lineup

After a coming out of the gates hot in late 2008, Redwood Son found himself almost completely lost in the fall of 2009, when original drummer and long time Friend Kipp Crawford was tragically killed.  It was a long road back, and on the heels of that tragedy, Redwood Son was named “Best New Artist” of the 2010 Portland Music Awards.  In June 2011, he followed with a Double Album titled “The Lion’s Inside” which showcased some prolific songwriting prowess, and a lofty Debut effort.

The Debut Album was promoted heavily over the course of the next 2 years, prior to finding it’s way into the hands of Producer Steve Berlin of the Band “Los Lobos”.  A natural evolution towards Country Music had been taking shape on the road, and oddly enough, the follow up effort found a genre of it’s own, when Redwood Son self released the “Westicana” EP in the Spring of 2016, featuring Six of the Eleven Tracks.  The “Saints & Renegades” LP is set to release in the Spring of 2018.  

With a solid following and fanfare residing in the Great Pacific Northwest, it was time to make yet another move.  In late 2016, Redwood Son relocated to Nashville TN, after being selected as a Top 4 finalist in the Eckrich “Music City Sing Off” which took place at the Famous Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, as part of their 58th Anniversary.

Pete is an award winning singer-songwriter, flat picker, and cutting-edge musician’s musician, No stranger to life out on the road, Pete has spent over two decades bringing his voice and guitar to stages all over the world.

After 19 years submerged in the Colorado bluegrass scene sharing the stage with bands such as Leftover Salmon, Greensky Bluegrass and Yonder Mountain String Band, Pete now resides in Bend, OR spending most of his days writing, recording, teaching guitar, song schools, doing photography/videography, touring as a solo act and performing with others in small group gatherings under Covid-19 guidelines.

Pete continues to push the boundaries of the eclectic world of acoustic music. Pete is a truly limitless artist and a craftsman, whose songwriting draws from a myriad of musical traditions. Writing ballads, blues, jazz, bluegrass, folk, and compositions that defy definition, he is best described as a story teller, weaving a tale through a soulful musical journey.

Referred to as a “must see”, “truly one of a kind”, and “as original as he is diverse” from critics, Pete has rapidly become one of the renowned songwriters of today.

Loose Platoon frontman Ben Dufendach translates his version of the truth & Delta Blues with his infectious slide guitar and red-blooded vocal energy. Locked in step are Spencer Snyder on drums, Darin Gentry on stand-up bass and Humble Will on lead guitar.

Saturday’s Music Lineup

Austin is an original country artist who grew up in Pendleton, Oregon and is currently based out of Redmond, Oregon. He has opened up for Craig Morgan, James Otto, Jason Michael Carol, and Sunny Ledford.  In July, 2019 he opened the entire LRS Country Music festival, which had over 3,500 attendees.  Some venues he has played at are Ponderosa Lounge in Portland, OR, Three Rivers Casino in Florence, OR, and Blue Lake Casino in Blue Lake, CA.  Austin has a special ability for engaging with crowds and gains new fans everywhere he goes.  He is a talented songwriter and provides a special experience for his audience.

Joseph Balsamo is a Chicago born singer songwriter, who’s style weaves turn of the century blues with old country, and mid century folk to create his own unique acoustic brand of American music. He has lived and worked in Central Oregon since 2003, and serves as the front man for the throwback rock and roll trio, Boxcar Stringband.  An avid fan of blues music and old cars, Joseph will be heading into the studio this spring/summer to record his latest collection of songs.

Original Oregon folkgrass comes as close to describing Juniper and Gin as any genre can. Juniper and Gin delivers finely crafted songs with excellent musicianship, harmonies and real soul. The sound encompasses bluegrass, folk and old country, melding them into a good ol’ pot of musical stew. His songs touch on themes of life’s ups and downs with honesty and superb storytelling. Juniper and Gin is one of Oregon’s most exciting up-and-coming string bands. You are guaranteed to have a foot-stompin’ good time and you may even find yourself singing along to these catchy original tunes

Born in a small timber town on the Oregon Coast, Bobby’s passion for music began in the early 60’s with his first guitar and a pile of Beatles and blues records. He was just 10 years old.

Bobby developed into a high energy, soulful, blues influenced rock ‘n roller with 9 records under his belt and is heading for his 10th in 2020. His experienced guitar skills, stories and personality create his style. His friends and fans know the intensity and love of music that pours through him while performing, and can be truly justified watching a live show. 

His riveting original songs reflect the stories of his life, his loves and his quest of healing the world with music. With a song list in the hundreds, Bobby performs solo, with a small band or with his entire band, which includes some of the best local musicians for the full music experience.

4 piece Rock band built from the bones of good ol’ party time- Heavy Rock n’ Roll, rhythm & blues, swampy southern rock, country twang, metal rhythms that have swagger & bounce complete with greasy slick & gritty fresh beats.

Thomas T and The Blue Chips are based in Bend, Oregon and have been playing Clubs, Festivals and Private Events for 6 years now. They play authentic Chicago and Texas style Blues that are fun and funky!

Thomas T fell in love with the Blues after discovering that so many Rock Guitar players were all inspired by Blues giants like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf and BB King. He started going to Blues Festivals and playing at Jam nights at legendary Clubs like the Kingston Mines and Rosa’s Checkerboard Lounge, jamming with Sugar Blue, Joanna Connors and many other artists. Joined by a Cascade Blues Association Hall of Famer, Stu Kinzel on Guitar and Vocals, this is the Real Blues at its best!

Sunday’s Music Lineup

Austin is an original country artist who grew up in Pendleton, Oregon and is currently based out of Redmond, Oregon.  He has opened up for Craig Morgan, James Otto, Jason Michael Carol, and Sunny Ledford.  In July, 2019 he opened the entire LRS Country Music festival, which had over 3,500 attendees.  Some venues he has played at are Ponderosa Lounge in Portland, OR, Three Rivers Casino in Florence, OR, and Blue Lake Casino in Blue Lake, CA.  Austin has a special ability for engaging with crowds and gains new fans everywhere he goes.  He is a talented songwriter and provides a special experience for his audience.

Eric Leadbetter was born in the town of Bozeman, MT. He spent his youth hanging at his families ranch in Ennis MT, and snowboarding at Bridger bowl.

His musical career started in 2003 when he recorded his first solo album, Eric’s cosmic kitchen. He then moved to Boulder, CO in 2004 when he started playing out in local coffee shops and small bars. In 2006 he established the rock n roll band, Jive Coulis with some good friends from high school. They traveled to over 20 states performing in the veggie oil powered school bus Sharleena. Jive recorded 4 all original albums of Eric’s music, which included 2 songs written by bass player Jordan Mack. Jive Coulis was dis-banded in 2017 and Leadbetter Band was born. Leadbetter Band released their first album in 2019, and the second album, “Howl” will be released in summer 2021!

Currently, he lives in Central Oregon and plays gigs constantly in the Pacific Northwest. Whether solo, duo, or full band he is always gigging, as well as teaching guitar and songwriting. 2020 was a challenging year for all, but Eric and his wife Briana were blessed with the birth of their son, Silas. 

Through out the challenges of 2020-present with the gig economy shifting, Eric has continued to evolve and find creative ways to bring music into the Pacific Northwest communities, and the online community. His music is very unique and original, with ghostly echoes of the golden ages of rock. And it should be, since he draws his musical inspiration from these eras by listening to a vast collection of classic vinyl.

County Classics to contemporary with a blend of rockin’ rhythms and moving ballads. We are a friendly, professional, and courteous group that enjoys entertaining and making great music!

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